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Arnold Educational and Rural Development Society

AERDS is a voluntary, non-profit, rural development organization, committed for the empowerment and emancipation of women, children, aged and needy rural masses. AERDS longstanding desire is to support the under privileged and disadvantaged members of the society. Awareness and education bring empowerment and empowerment leads to sustainability

It is a charity organization which supports country women to reach economic independence. Women get training in manufacturing paper toys and clay products. This happened in a large common space. The major twin objectives of the Society are to empower the rural women through skill training and education, and assist handicapped people to lead a sustainable life by giving them a skill to earn a decent income.

Achievements 1. Educationally enabled 1000 plus poor pupils by admitting them in government schools 2. Educated 1000 plus child labourers through Non-formal education, 3. Empowered 1000 plus youth by equipping them through skill training, 4. Treated the illness and addressed the common health problems of 500 villages through periodical health camps, 5. Constructed 500plus houses for dwelling, and updated the irrigation facilities of three villages through de-silting the irrigation canals and percolation tanks.

No. of Staff - 26

Present programmes o Supplementary Education Programme for SC/STs o Awareness Generation Camps o Skill Development Programme o Environmental Awareness camps o Handicrafts Training o Mother and Child Care Programme o Self Help Group (SHGs)

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